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I’m Speechless…

So on Wednesday of last week, I was doing my daily routine of blog hopping (reading & keeping updated with my favorite blogs via google reader) when I came across and interesting blog post titled ” Five Bloggers with Fierce Makeup Inspiration” written by Erin of “Scandalous Beauty”. After opening up the blog post to read more, I saw very familiar faces, ladies who are friends that I have admired and have gawked over their FOTD (Face of the Day) on a daily, weekly and monthly bases. But as I scrolled down even more, I saw me.  Yup, me! Now if you had been sitting next to me like my boyfriend was you would have heard my scream and total shock. I, Nikkia of all people was included in this awesome list of amazing artist and bloggers? Wow, not only was/am I humbled and honored but, I found myself really teary eyed. It also has helped me to realize that I really need to step up my FOTD game as, I’ve been slacking on those due to my seasonal allergies and honestly laziness.

You see, I have been blogging for a short period of time (October of 2007) compared to these ladies but, to be included was amazing. I’m inspired by so many different things. Flowers, personalities, and nature just to name a few and these ladies truly have given me inspiration of all kinds. There are hundreds of beauty blogs out there, but there are just a small, very small handful of bloggers who I look up to, secretly envy and gain inspiration from and Erin is one of those bloggers.

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I say all that to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to Erin, you have been an inspiration to me and thousands others. Thanks for being a rockstar and blogging friend.

To check out the other fabulous bloggers included click there names below.

Jen at Nu20beauty.com
Erin at edotrich.wordpress.com
Kia at Yummy411.blogspot.com
Tamara of beautythesis.net

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