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September Favorites | Silver Lips Beauty

September Favorites

September Favorites  September Favorites

I’m a little tardy to the party but, here are my September favorites.

Cover FX Brite Prep FX, I’ve noticed that my radiant bronze glow is starting to fade away. And with the weather changes my skin is beginning look very dull which is actually very normal for me. So to prevent/prolong my glowiness, I’ve been using this amazing product that brightens up my skin and given me that glow from within look prior to applying foundation or powder. (Full Review coming soon)

Lush Bubble Gum Sugar Scrub, my lips are dry, flaky and peel all year around but, as the seasons change it gets worse. So to combat that I’ve been reaching for this sweet sugary lip treat. It taste like bubble gum and really does aid in removing dead skin from my lips. (Full Review coming soon)

Gold & Silver Hoops, I’m a die-hard stud earring fanatic. I love all types of stud earring and thought that hoops and dangling earring made me look weird, and enhanced my full face in all the wrong ways. But after seeing and loving all the Basketball wive inspired earrings. I decided to give hoops another shot. So while in my local beauty supply. I picked up a few pair and haven’t taken them off yet. I don’t know why I thought I looked weird in hoops but, they truly have made me feel and look a little more youthful.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara, I reviewed this mascara here. This mascara has truly renewed my faith in mascaras. I love how it lengthens my lashes and when paired with my Lancome lash primer makes my lashes look like I have a few false individuals blended within. And though I love individual lashes. I hate applying them so, being able to have a mascara give me that look is a huge bonus in my book.

What were your September favorites?

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