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Experience Indique Hair

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Yannize who works as a marketing assistant by day for Indique Hair  and beauty blogger for AMMO Magazine by night,  approached me with an opportunity that, originally I was hesitant about. What was that opportunity?  Hair model, yes friends, for an Indique Hair presentation being held here in DC.  After much back and forth with my dear friend. I decided why not give it a go. Now I’ve never been a weave girl (no offense to those who like/love weaves) but, when I was in high school and college, I wore weaves  occasionally to make my hair look fuller and to experience the hype but that’s about it. I hated that the hair looked fake, had this weird smell and shine and finally the tangle, it always looked like a nest in certain areas on my head.

Well, fast forward to March 21,2010 at 1:00pm, as I sat in the beauty chair of  infamous celebrity hair stylist, Cassandra Parks , being braided up for what would become not only a full hair installation but also a lesson in  the evolution of hair weaving.

According to the website, Indique Virgin Indian Hair is the only company that produces hair extensions at the source. Indique’s unique Indian virgin and natural human hair extensions are lustrous, and tangle free. Indique’s remy hair extensions are unparalleled because the virgin hair used only has cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair and guarantees natural wave, fullness, luster and remarkable usability. Indique hair is light in weight and supple which gives it natural flow and movement. Chemically free, Indique hair will enhance the length, color and texture of your natural hair leaving you with a flawless and refined weave or hair extension style. This hair can be reused up to a year. It can be washed, blow dried, curled, flat ironed, colored and permed while still maintaining its original beauty and vitality.

Here are a few pictures of my new hair


Nikkia LHDC NO CURLS  300x225 Experience Indique Hair

Makeup Done by Tia of www.artiastrymakeup.blogspot.com

Nikkia LHDC e1270088105459 225x300 Experience Indique Hair

Geeky Nikkia  e1270088468822 225x300 Experience Indique Hair

Dolled Up Nikkia  e1270088585677 225x300 Experience Indique Hair



lhdc 300x300 Experience Indique Hair

Makeup Done by Tia of www.artiastrymakeup.blogspot.com


IMG 4724 300x200 Experience Indique Hair

My good friend Danyelle & hair model

Indique Hair is available in several variations from wavy, straight, curly to colored and relaxed. You also have the option of buying the hair machine wefted, hand tied or in bulk. Now I must tell you the hair is pricey (at least in my opinion but well worth it) ranging from $125.00 to well over $200 per tube. The average person will need two tubes of hair.   Check the website for a complete listing of prices and hair types. The hair selected for me was ” 18 inch Bounce Relaxed Straight” , this hair matched my relaxed texture perfectly and looks seamless with my hair. Because the hair is natural it only comes in colors 1B-2 but, there is a line dedicated to those who have dyed tresses.

Overall, I must admit, the hesitations I had originally have now been washed away and replaced with a confidence I can’t explain.  Indique Hair lives up to every expectation one would have when considering extensions. The hair does tangle a tad but that’s to be expected especially for longer styles since the hair is rubbing against clothing etc. But not so much that it looks like a bird’s nest. Since the hair is real you can do anything to it. What I love most is that I can go swimming with the hair, and not worry about my real hair looking a mess because the hair will dry without the frizzies. Making this the perfect vacation hair. I’ve received an overwhelming response from strangers and friends on how real the hair looks and how it really compliments my thinner frame.  Surprisingly, my boyfriend loves the hair more than I imagined. He’s been more attentive and affectionate because of the hair. LOL  If you’re looking to change-up your look, give your hair a break,take a vacation or you want to add a little more spark to your relationship. I say give Indique Hair a try. For the full Indique experience set-up an appointment at the Indique salon located in New York.

Click here to experience Indique Hair

So what do you think of my new tresses?  Have you ever experienced Indique Hair? Tell me in the comments

pixel Experience Indique Hair
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