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D.I.Y. Brow Set

A couple days ago my good friend Kia discussed her new found love of MAC’s Boy/Girl Brow set. So, today my friends I will show you how to make your very own “Brow set” using items you may already have in you makeup collection.

Brow set is a soft creamy gel that aids in sculpting brows into shape without flaking or stiffening the brows. Brow Sets help to add shine, style, & overall grooming to brows. It can also be used on lashes, sideburns, and chops – any facial hair.

So here’s what you will need:

IMG 2657 D.I.Y. Brow Set

1. clear mascara
2. Bronze CCB (cream color base or Ben Nye’s cream color)
3. Disposable spatula (or whatever you use to scoop out cream products)

Note: Use whatever color suits your brows. Ben Nye’s cream colors are sold at most theatrical supply stores and they retail at about # 4.50 per color. MAC’s cream color base’s retail for about $16.50 so it’s all about personal preference

Step #1
Scoop out a pea size amount of cream color base or Ben Eye cream color. Put that pea size amount on the back of your hand.

IMG 2664 D.I.Y. Brow Set

Step # 2
Mix the cream color and clear mascara on the back of your hand(with wand) until it is creamy

IMG 2667 D.I.Y. Brow Set

Step# 3
Apply your brow set to you eyebrows and proceed with your make-up application

IMG 2673 D.I.Y. Brow Set

Plainless right? This can be messy but make sure to sanitize your hands and if you want you can mix this contoction together in a jar.

Hope this was helpful

pixel D.I.Y. Brow Set
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